​​​​Dance from the Heart 

Patricia- Basic Inversion, advance spins Instructor 

Patricia is an emergency room Registered Nurse and have been in healthcare for 36 years. She have two children, and 3 grandchildren. 
In 2010 she was formally introduced to pole dancing while attending a bachelorette party and fell in love with it! Her only dance background had been as child where she studied ballet, tap and gymnastics..
In 2014 she started taking pole dancing more seriously and tried different styles that varied from athletic, freestyle and floor-work to exotic. She still cannot tell you what her favorite is! She tends to want to do and learn everything!
She has had the good fortune to work with some amazing professionals such Jamilla Deville, Crystal Gibson, Jeni Janover, Acro Brandon and many local talented instructors.

She currently hold certifications in Liquid Motion and level 1 Basic spins and Climbs and American Heart CPR. 
She did her first competition November 2016 PSO Seattle where she took home a Bronze Metal Level 2 Exotic. 
Her teaching style is fun, laid back but bouncy. She loves watching students master their goals, it is motivating to her and inspiring to her. Her music is eclectic however it always starts slow and relaxing. 
Guilty pleasures, she loves sour cream on and in everything!  Her activities outside the studio are huge everything from and anything from laying in the beach, mountain biking , flexibility activities, paddle boarding, diving, travel and hiking......

Her words to you: this thing called life, this is your journey nobody else's. Be in it, feel it and don't compare it to someone's path. You are where you need to be right now. Now is your chance to soar!

About us

Tammy-Beginner and Liquid Motion Instructor 

Tammy began dancing at Bella Pole and Dance in November 2012. After taking her first class, she instantly fell in love with the style of dance taught by Naomi. Dancing has been life changing for her. Not only did she notice a physical change by getting stronger after a few classes, but her self confidence started to rebuild after having 3 kids. Excited to share her passion, Tammy has decided to take her skills to the next level and become an instructor. Her main goals are to have fun, and help other women build that strength and self confidence as she did. 

About our Instructors 

Naomi- Owner and Instructor 

Naomi took her first spin in 2007 when she was at her Sister's Bachelorette Party she loved it so much she bought her own pole, started taking classes and eventually ended up getting certified through Diva Fit. Naomi has always been passionate about health and fitness but fell in love with all aspects of pole dancing and fitness. She loved the results she got with her own body, the mental aspect with the dance, and the physical challenge to always learn new things. Naomi is a lifelong learner and is continually taking classes and workshops to share with her students

There are many different aspects with pole dancing. Giving credit to where pole dancing started in strip clubs with erotic dance and now move forward to today with pole dancing so main-stream which has become very acrobatic and artistic. At Bella Pole and Dance we incorporate aspects of erotic movement, acrobatic and artistic movement to create a beautiful sensual dance.

We are very yoga-esque at our studio and encourage women to check all their problems at the door and focus on themselves. Most ladies are intimidated to take a pole fitness class for several reasons but the 2 most common reason is because either they "can't dance" or they think they need to be in shape to try pole fitness.  At Bella Pole and Dance we like to say pole fitness is for all fitness levels because everyone starts at a very basic level and learns a very basic routine and then we let you move at your own pace to advance as fast or as slow as you would like.