​​​​Dance from the Heart 

6 Week 50 Shades of Bella Dance 

Drop in Classes

Students advance at their own pace and can take our Beginner Pole or Intro pole as many times as they feel needed. If you are a transfer student and would like to start in a more advance level class sign up for our intro class so we can evaluate what level you are at for our studio. 

Intro to Pole Drop in 

In this 6 week series you will learn a climb and spin combo and then embellish it through creative movement exercises. By the end, each students combo will be unique with their own personal embellishments. 
Pre-Rec Students must know basics of climbing and have taken Climb and Spin 1 to qualify and requires instructor approval. 

Climb and Spin 2

Basic Inversions 

Climb and Spin 1

Class Overview 

This is your time to play and transform! You will get to experience and learn a unique style of pole dancing that will include many spins, transitions, and powerful movement that will leave you rejuvenation and reconnected to your body. Each week will build off the previous week and in the end we will put together a complete routine you can use on and off the pole. 

Liquid Motion 

Series  Classes 

Series  Classes 

Take what you learned in the Beginner Pole Series and build on additional spins, combo spins and learn several different types of styles of climbs along with embellishing your beginner routine.

Now that you know the fundimentals of climbing and basic spins you are ready to take your pole journey to the next level. 

4 Week Beginner Pole Series 

Series  Classes 

6 Week EmBella Climb and Spin  

Now that you have finished our beginner pole series you are ready to add embellishments to you dance. In this series you will be guided through exhilarating exercises to take your dance to the next level. Through these exercises we will start exploring the art of creative movement and adding new moves to your dance vocabulary. 

The Liquid Motion® Class is an open level class that utilizes conditioning, sensual movement, and dance theory, to provide the student with a total mind and body movement experience. In this 75-minute class, participants will learn the fundamentals of Liquid Motion® to build a foundation for floor work and wall work. The class is made up of body conditioning, lateral movement drills, intricate floor flows, exploration of sensual movement, and an understanding of total body awareness, or simply, Liquid Motion®.

 Level 2 Intermediate

Drop in Classes

Level 1 Beginner 

In the intro class you will learn a piece of our Beginner routine along with 1-2 beginner spins. At the end of class we will put it all together and learn how dance through this movement. We suggest taking 6-8 of these classes if you are not able to commit to the series. Space is limited, please sign up in advance to reserve your spot. 

Drop in Classes

Get ready to experience what Bella Dance is all about. In this 6 weeks series we will guide you through creative movement and exercises that will expand on what you already know and dive deeper into freestyle movement.

6 Week Beginner Bella Dance Series 

Low Flow 

This class was created for those that are ready to add layers to where ever you are in your pole journey. You will learn a choreograph combo and each week we will guide you through exercises to make it your own. 
 At the end of class you get a chance to dance through the combo while exploring other creative movement.
This class is great for students who are familiar with Basic spins. Step spin, fireman, front leg hook, back leg hook and our Beginner Pole routine. 

Introduction Level 

 Level 3 Advance