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What to wear to class? 

It is best to wear comfortable exercise clothes and or yoga like clothing. For Beginner Pole and level 1 comfortable workout pants and bare feet are ideal for class.  For levels 2 and above, shorts are recommended, as you will be gripping the pole with your legs. Also, please refrain from wearing lotions, oils at least 12 hours before class. Please no jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets) to class.  Again, this is a safety measure.

​Do I need to be in shape to take pole fitness?

Our Beginner Classes both chair and pole are designed for all fitness levels. We know that everyone is unique in their fitness journey and everyone moves their own pace. We take pride in being able to modify moves and spins to make pole dancing work for all shapes, sizes, and ages.

​Do you have an age limit to take classes?

​At this time students must be 18 or older to participate in group classes. For those under the age of 18, we do offer private lessons with written parental consent. 

Do I need a dance or fitness background?

Absolutely Not!  Pole dancing is for every dance and fitness level. It is also for all shape and sizes of women. Every student starts at beginner level and progresses at their own speed. 

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