Studio Policies 

  • All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

  • No lotions, potions or bling.

  • Please apply lotions at least 12hrs prior to class to avoid a slippery pole. 

  • Avoid wearing any strong smelling scents due to possible allergies. 

  • Please do not wear rings while pole since they scratch our poles. 

  • To help keep our floors clean that we play on please remove shoes when entering the studio and only dance shoes that have not been worn outside are permitted on studio floors. 

  • Please leave valuables at home as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  

  • Being intoxicated with any substance, legal or not legal is not tolerated and we will have to ask you to not participate and you will loose your class credit. 

  • ​We reserve the right to cancel any classes with low or no registrants. So make sure you register in advance for classes.

  • Registration, waiver and class payment is due prior to attending class.​

  • Bella Pole and Dance is all about letting loose and feeling good. We pride ourselves for being respectful and supportive to all that enter these doors. Please partner with us and show the same respect and support to all while in the studio.​

  • ​Let's use this time to be loving to ourselves and all Bella students by unplugging and silencing our phones while in the studio. Searching for music is welcomed however we will provide you with that time before you dance. We ask you to give your full attention while in class and while other students dance.​​


Please be on time to class, we have created a warm up for your bodies that gets it ready to dance and play.. The show must go on, once class has begun the doors will lock and you will loose your class credit. Once the doors are locked you will not be allowed to participate in class. 

​Dance from the Heart

Class Cancellation 


We get that life happens and you can't make it to class as planned however we ask for you to cancel in advance before class. Without a cancellation notice you will loose that class credit and not receive a refund for that amount. No Exceptions! 
We reserve the right to cancel any classes with low or no registrants. So make sure you register in advance for classes.

Unlimited class passes will be charged $10 without advance notice. 
Intro to Beginner and Workshops 24 Hour notice.
Drop in classes 6 Hour notice.  ​
Private Lessons 24 Hour Notice

Series Classes

​If you need to miss a class during a series class you will not get a refund of that class missed since you are reserving your spot in class for the duration of all the classes. We also do not prorate for any classes that will be missed either. Please check your calender before signing up for class.